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Dé-al salon, originally envisioned by brothers Dean and Al Melchiorre, was a dream realized in July 1979. Nestled at 91 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, NY, their vision materialized into a two-story salon with a first-floor cutting/styling department and a second-floor color department. With a chic NYC vibe, dé-al quickly became an upscale suburban hair salon, a staple on Long Island's Gold Coast.

Dean, an award-winning hair cutter and Master Stylist, had a keen intuition and a sharp eye for talent. Many of his most senior staff members remained loyal to the salon for decades. Dé-al became more than just a salon; it was an institution. For 37 years, it pampered and indulged every need of its clients, while also educating and training hair care professionals for generations to come.

In November 2016, it was time for an upgrade, and dé-al salon moved to a new space at 99 Middle Neck Road. Designed with a chic Urban Industrial aesthetic, the new modern space featured high exposed ceilings, suspended linear lighting, exposed original brick, stainless steel stations, and reclaimed wood cladding. The new, bright, open floor plan allowed the color and cutting/styling departments to function cohesively, continuing to serve clients from all over NY, as well as NJ, CT, and PA.

Dean's legacy is survived by his daughter Olivia, who inherited her father's passion for hairstyling. Olivia gracefully carries on the legacy of her family's cherished hair salon, dé-al. She stands behind the same chair her father once did, weaving her own chapters into the salon's story, creating a tapestry of beauty, memories, and enduring bonds.

Olivia's journey began with a heart full of nostalgia and a determination to uphold the values instilled by her father. She skillfully wields scissors and brushes, weaving together tradition and innovation. Every cut, every style, and every interaction with her clients reflects not only her expertise but also her dedication to preserving the salon's history while embracing the future.

The legacy of dé-al salon lives on with Olivia and her mother, Gail Melchiorre, the next generation, now leading the team. With a passion for preserving the past while embracing the future, they are ready to grow the business and take it to the next level, ensuring that dé-al salon remains an enduring and recognized brand in the ever-evolving world of hair fashion. Come grow with them and be a part of the continuing story of beauty, memories, and the enduring bonds formed within those elegant walls.

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